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Change Agent Leadership: 
How to Propel Your 
Purpose Work in a 2020 World
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Are you:

  • Feeling called to a higher level of purpose?

  • Feeling the need to align your work more deeply with your values?

  • Wanting to have a deeper positive impact on the issues you care most about?

  • Someone who has built a successful business or movement and you're not sure how to pivot to be more values aligned in your impact?

  • Wanting to break into the sustainability, corporate responsibility and social impact space to amplify your higher level of purpose and not sure how to plug in?
"Thanks for inspiring us with your passion and vision!

Thank you Stephanie, this was fantastic!!!

THANK YOU - agreed, fantastic!

Great job Stephanie! More please!!!!"
Change Agent Leadership:
How to Propel Your Purpose Work in a 2020 World
We need all hands on deck to solve our world's greatest challenges. 
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I'm Stephanie Trager, long time sustainability practitioner, justice advocate, corporate responsibility consultant, business strategist- and Master Catalyst Coach.

I help change agents and conscious leaders unlock purpose, unleash potential and create their (positive) legacy impact.

I have had countless people approach me for the following:

  1. * How to leverage their gifts for deeper positive impact, and
  2. * How to break into and position their work in the sustainability and social impact 
  3.   space so they can be more aligned with their values and the issues they care 
  4.   about.

In this masterclass we'll touch on opportunities to create more:

  • * aligned business opportunities 
  • * ways to plug into the sustainability 'industry'
  • * measurable impact
  • * purpose alignment 
  • * fulfillment  
  • * leverage for change 
  • * avenues for thought leadership
Lauren Baptiste
Acheloa Wellness
"Stephanie's coaching, mentorship, leadership, professionalism and healing capabilities blend to one transformative elixir. While working together, Stephanie truly helped unleash my potential and I'm now creating an impact that will ripple through my life for years and years to come"

How do you tap in and leverage the vast toolbox of information needed to plug in and have a deeper impact on the issues you care about while leveraging the work you've built all these years?

In this training, a clarion call, I'll share the subject matter expertise many small business owners and corporate professionals need to be tapping into for the ultimate manifestation of the world we wish to see and the leaders we're meant to be.

How do you pivot into the next level of change agent you wish to be?
A new decade is around the corner.  We’re being called to step up even more as agents of change.

These times we live in are divisive, confusing, intense and outrageous.  As conscious leaders we channel that rage into truth, inspiration and forces for change.

We re-align and find our voices anew, unlock a new level of purpose and drive change toward the world we wish to see.

A whole new set of skills are needed to navigate leadership and change as reality and the business world are vastly different landscapes than just a few years ago.
In this webinar I'll be sharing tools we as change agents can leverage to align our work for maximum impact, transformation and alignment.
Why join me for this juicy inspired webinar...
Request Instant Access to the Master Class Below!
Change Agent Leadership:
How to Propel Your Purpose Work in a 2020 World
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